I’m Confused About Where Pizza Originated From : Is Pizza Italian?


Was it invented by the Italian?

The word pizza was invented by the Italians but they did not invent the pizza per se. As we explored in our article about the history of the pizza, this delicacy has been around for a time much longer than the Italians were even Italians.

It did originate from the Roman citizens who technically are the predecessors of the modern Italians. So it all comes down to how you look at it, but if we went semantically, we would have to say the Italians did not invent or discover the pizza.

Italy flags on building

Then why have the Italians become synonymous with Pizza?

The simple reason is that they were the ones who popularised the pizza as a form of food. It all started with their pizzerias which were open-air pizza restaurants that were so simplistic that their pizzas were wrapped in paper and you had to stand under the open sky and enjoy your pizza.

This, however, became very appealing to the modern generation that was on a time crunch. The idea that you could order something delicious on the street side and eat it without having to use a plate, spoon or forks was just what people who were in a constant hurry needed. This culture came to America when the Italians came to America and suddenly pizza became the ‘it’ thing.

Since pretty much every pizza restaurant during this period of inception had Italians at their helm, pizza became synonymous with them. So credit where credit is due, these Italians did know how to make something so attractive that people were willing to start entire restaurant chains that only sold pizza.

Can we call it Italian then?

For all intents and purposes, the pizza and its success can be attributed to the enterprising people in Italy and as such, it would be pretty okay to call it Italian. Another reason for this would be that even though chains like Dominos have commercialized the Pizza and taken away its homely nature, it is the Italians who are still upholding that tradition in the form of pizzerias and small pizza restaurants that offer both the intimate feel of an old pizza place as well as the traditional taste.