Pizza History


Pizza is one of the most delectable preparations that pamper the taste buds of millions across the globe. It is a very old preparation that originated during the Neolithic Age. The foundation of the dish was laid by the early Greeks. It is an integral part of the ancient pizza history and as per evidence; Pizza was initially prepared in countries like Sardinia, Italy, and France.

With time people modified its composition, added innovative ingredients to bring about varying tastes and flavors. There were a lot of experimentations with flat bread and toppings like onion and garlic. Such experiments gradually transcended garlic, herbs, and onion and used innovative toppings like the tomato. It is only when tomato came to be added as toppings, did we get ‘Pizza’; although improvisation of the taste and looks was and is an ongoing process associated with Pizza. This, in turn, added richness and dynamism of pizza history.

Birth of ‘Pizza’

Using tomato toppings on flat bread gave the world what they call ‘pizza’. The pizza history is a rich one for its quick spread innovative preparations and popularity. The tomato for toppings was brought down from America to Europe as early as 16th century. Then there was a myth in Europe that Pizza had innate poison but the myth waned away with time and by the 18th-century pizza was a part of the regular diet o f most of the poor Europeans along the Naples. This is when a pizza history was created and it reached the doors of every poor in Europe.

Spread and Sale

The most wonderful description of the pizza history is expressed in the works of food expert Alexandre Dumas, père, an eminent French writer. He published in his work a detailed account of the Pizza history and manner in which it the simplest dwellers of the Naples loved pizza and enjoyed the dish.

Till 1830, the trend of selling pizza was limited to open air pizza stalls and vendors selling pizza. Later there were prepared and available in a food court set-up. Rich venues like the Pizzeria still maintain their tradition of selling pizza in open-air stands so that people enjoy the most delicious bite of a pizza wrapped in paper and served with a drink from an open-air stand on the street.

The Neapolitan’s Pizza History

The Neapolitans place their pizza history on a very high pedestal. The Purists prepared two popular pizza dishes known as ‘Marinara’ and ‘Margherita’ and they find only these two preparations, the real pizza preparations. These are the sole dishes they serve and today Marinara and Margherita are the most sought after dishes by the Italians. The name Marinara can be traced to the fishermen’s wives in the bay of Naples who prepared pizza for their husbands returning from fishing. Margherita was a name after baker Raffaele Esposito who used to treat Queen Margherita with the most sumptuous pizzas.

The pizza history is a rich one and associated with excellent culinary faculties of bakers and extraordinary accounts of food experts. Its origin and spread reveal how popular the dish was amongst Europeans that has gradually become one of the most beloved food items for all.