The Difference Between Hand Tossed and Pan Pizza : All Facts

You are at your local pizza shop and in the mood to have some fun. You have your posse around you and the last thing you need is some complication and that is when you are presented with the question “Would you like a pan pizza or a hand tossed pizza?”. You might find yourself in a situation where you are not sure which one to choose and then eventually be asking yourself what’s the difference between hand tossed and pan pizza? If indeed one is better than the other. What are the pros and cons of ordering a pan pizza and so on? If you have been tormented by these questions in the past fret not, we will make it plain as day so the next time you are asked the same question you have an answer ready.

What is hand tossed pizza?

hand tossed pizza

What exactly is a pan pizza?

It all comes down to the preparation of the crust. Traditionally the dough used to be tossed in the air repeatedly to obtain the shape of the crust. This was then baked. To make this tossing in the air more manageable, the dough has to be soft. This, however, compromises the strength of the crust that is eventually baked. On the other hand, pan pizza preparation does not involve any tossing in the air. The dough is flattened on the pan itself. As the dough does not have any space to expand, it ends up being a lot fluffier and is able to hold heavier toppings.

Pan pizza on tray

Is there any difference in taste?

There definitely is a marked difference between how pan pizza tastes. As we mentioned earlier, the crust is a lot fluffier. Also, pan pizza is baked at a higher temperature. This gives it a wonderful combination of crispiness and succulent.

The outer layer is crunchy while the insides are fluffy. A hand tossed pizza will either be crunchy or soft depending upon how long it is baked and the ingredients used. Consequently, the dough is also different in both cases. So, the answer is a yes. There is, however, no way ascertain which one tastes better. In our opinion, both taste pretty good and just add another dimension to the wonderful thing that a pizza is.

Which one is healthier?

This would seem like a more relevant question. As pan pizzas have a thicker crust and are also usually loaded with more meatier toppings, they have a lot more calories than their hand tossed cousins. As such, the hand-tossed variants are good for the people watching their weights or on diet. The pan pizza is a variant that is better suited for people who exercise a lot and generally lead a more active life.

There is no right or wrong here. We are just glad that there are more versions of this delicacy.