I Heard it’s Really Good : What is New York Style Pizza?

Even though there are many pizzas that are named after geographical locations, few are as famous or sought after as the New York style pizza. In the course of this article, we will explore the various aspects of this exquisite version of the wonderful pizza.

A little background:

As you might have guessed by now, the pizza was brought to New York by an Italian. His name was Gennaro Lombardi to the Little Italy region of New York way back in 1905. He sold pizzas which people bought by the slice wrapped in paper and tied with a string. This was the precursor to the modern New York style pizza. This was taken a step further when one of Lombardi’s pizza maker started his own pizzeria known as Totonno’s which then led to the boom of the pizzeria culture.

What exactly is a New York style pizza?

It is a hand-tossed version of the pizza. In its most original form, it has a thin layer of tomato sauce. Over this mozzarella cheese is grated and sprinkled over. Whatever additional topping is needed is added on top of this layer of cheese. The crust is also generally a lot larger and usually measures in at 18 inches. The pizza is also cut up into 8 slices.

new york style pizza in a box

The crust is also generally a lot larger and usually measures in at 18 inches. The pizza is also cut up into 8 slices. The crust also has its own trademark taste and that can be attributed to the use of high gluten flour. Another important and often overlooked constituent that imparts its own characteristic to the pizza is the water in New York. The minerals and sediments in New York’s tap water have their own flavor and that is the reason some pizzerias based out of New York specifically have the water from New York transported to them so that they can achieve the true tase of a New York style pizza.

How to eat a New York styled pizza?

If you have never tried a New York style pizza before, the first issue you will face is its size. The slices are bigger and larger and as such if you try to eat it the way you eat any other pizza, you will end up awkwardly wrestling with the slice and probably spilling the sauce, cheese, and toppings all over your clothes and the floor.

There is a very easy way around this. Simply fold the slice along the middle starting from the center of the crust and moving towards the periphery of the pizza. This way you end up with something that is a lot more easier to fit into your mouth while keeping everything on the crust intact.

How healthy is it?

The New York-style pizza is on the larger side and such will pack in more calories. It also uses more tomato sauce than other pizzas. Add to that the full gluten crust and you end up with a pizza that you should not eat daily.