What is the Best Flour for pizza? Here is Our Recomendation

No matter what topping you use on a pizza, the ultimate taste of this delicacy comes down to its crust and that is why finding the perfect flour is extremely important. You have to keep in mind that making pizza is an art and a lot more goes on in preparing the perfect pizza than just the flour.

Having said that it is a good place to start and we will look at some of the best flours out there for pizza. The good ones are very fine in nature and have low water retention. Alos keep in mind that the protein percentage has nothing to do with the quality of the crust.

1.) Caputo “00” Bread Flour:

This is the most trusted flour used by pizza chefs across the country. There is a popular misconception associated with this product that it is totally free of any protein. This is totally incorrect as that is impossible to achieve. It has 12.5% of protein. Having gotten that out of the way, we will now talk about what makes this flour so great.

It is ground to such a fine form that it feels like baby powder. This makes it very easy to knead and get the right consistency. It also requires a lot less water making the crust taste a lot better. This is a flour trusted by industry leaders and specialists and with good reason. So, unless you are up for some experimentation and would like to take the safest route, you cannot go wrong with the Caputo “00” Bread Flour.

2.) Regular Bread Flour:

It might be quite possible that you might not always have the 00 available in your local store. The common flour that you will find though will be regular bread flour. If that is the case then do not worry as it is not the worst option out there. You will have to put up with some consistency issues. The crust will not be even throughout and parts of it will be soft with plenty of air bubbles and other parts might be hard and totally devoid of any air bubbles. You should go this route only as a last resort.

3.) All purpose flour:

This is the other popular option that you have and it is kind of the middle ground here. As its name suggests, this is the flour that is supposed to be good enough for pretty much everything and this means that it is not expected to be excellent at anything. So, if this is all you have available right now, you do not need to worry. It is good enough for most pizza crusts.

Apart from the very occasional lack of enough air bubbles in the dough, it works admirably well. So if you want the one flour that will be a great solution to all your needs then you do not need to look any further.

So these are the options you have and depending on what your exact needs are, you can choose the flour that best fulfills it.