What is White Pizza? Here is Our Detailed Explanation

If you find yourself in the constant battle to eat healthily and eating delicious comfort foods, you might be looking for a way to include pizzas in your health-oriented diet. After hours of searching various health and food forums, the one name that will keep popping up is that of white pizza. The name will put more questions than answers in front of you. So, we will answer these questions for you today and let you know what is white pizza and if indeed it is any healthier than regular pizza.

What exactly is white pizza?

If you look at the history of pizzas, the one ingredient that gave the pizza that extra spark to be so popular was tomatoes. Even though pizzas have existed in some form of the other ever since man learned how to make bread, it was the Italian innovation to use tomatoes as toppings that really captured taste buds around the world.

white pizza in slices on cutting board


As time went on, mankind was presented with another innovation in the form of tomato sauce and pizzas became even more delicious when a layer of tomato sauce was added to the crust. This, however, came with certain caveats. Almost every type of tomato sauce uses copious amounts of sugar in it and that means that addition of tomato sauce cause a noticeable spike in the number of calories a pizza has.

So, if you really wanted to make pizzas healthier, you would have to eliminate the tomato sauce and that is how white pizza was born. Thus, a pizza without any tomato sauce is known as white pizza.

How is it made?

Since a lot of the flavor of the modern pizza is derived from the tomato sauce present on it, other things have to be added to make up for its absence. Usually, a white pizza is covered in ricotta, mozzarella, and Alfredo sauce. All of this makes the pizza very heavy and unfortunately, it doesn’t really taste as good as a normal pizza.

Is it worth the extra trouble and lesser taste?

The sad answer to this question is no. It offers very little benefits when compared to a red pizza if you are looking from a health point of view. It has slightly fewer calories, but the tradeoffs are far too significant to justify it. First of all the taste isn’t all the great.

It also has that gooey texture to it that most people do not enjoy and most importantly, there are very few chefs who can actually pull off a satisfactory white pizza. So, if you like how white pizza tastes, then eat it by all means, but if you are eating it only because you want to improve your diet, you would be better off eating fewer slices of regular pizza.

Image credit: Bigoven.com